What is Appz?
Appz is a software suite that serves as your personal Instagram assistant. With Appz, you can now automate your Instagram account to like, follow, unfollow, and comment other posts and users with the same interests as you. If your content resonates with these users, they might like or even follow your account. Have Appz automate your social media presence and increase your followers instantly.
Is it safe to use?
Absolutely. Unlike Instagram bots out there, Appz do not store your password. Your password is for you and you alone. So relax, even ninjas cannot get access to your password from Appz. We simply don’t have it.
Where can I download the Appz application?
Appz is a Chrome extension, so all you really need is to download the Google’s Chrome browser here. And then download our extension in the Chrome Web Store here.
Does it run on Mac?
Yes. Click here for instructions.
Can I have multiple Instagram accounts?
Not yet. We will be adding this feature soon.
Are the followers real?
Yes, our Appz Assistant generates activities on your behalf and increase your chance other users will follow you back. You can check out new followers on Instagram on your mobile phone and track your profile’s progress in our Growth Chart.
But are my new followers really real?
Yes, of course. Unlike other services out there that uses fake accounts to follow your account and give you the impression that their service is working, the developers at Appz are too lazy to do that. Luckily for you, they are super smart. To compensate for their laziness, they created this super genius, Jedi mind trick, machine learning, relationship stealing algorithm that generates a really high follow-back probability.
Are these developers single?
Depends. How hot are you?
How does the free trial work?
You are free to use every single function that we have available for Appz for 10 days.
How come the free trial lasts for only 10 days?
Ten days is more than enough days to convince you that our magical application works.
How do I cancel my subscription?
If you are a paying subscriber, you can go to My Account and click on "Cancel Subscription".
Do you have an affiliate/referral program?
No, at the moment we don't have neither affiliate nor referral programs.
Where can I report issues or request new features.
Contact us here.