Troubleshooting & FAQ

What is Appz?
Appz is a social marketing desktop application that likes posts and follow on your behalf. Liking posts brings attention to your profile as some people check you back when they see you liked them. If your content resonates with people who checked you back they might like or even follow your account.

Can I have multiple accounts?
However it is possible to run a few accounts with Everliker simultaneously. Here is how:

Are the followers real?
Yes, the appication likes photos on your behalf and increase your chance that the other person will follow you,

Is it safe to use?
Appz is designed for personal use and not to facilitate a bot factory or a marketing agency. The appliaction is designed to perform at a slow speed to to avoid hitting Instagram limits.

How to cancel my subscription?
We don't charge you for using the application to get the first 100 new followers. If you are a paying subscriber, you can go to My Account and click on cancel subscription.

Do you have an affiliate/referral program?
No, at the moment we don't have neither affiliate nor referral programs.