Thank you for your purchase, please follow these steps to redeem your license code:

STEP 1:    Make sure you have your license code ready.

If you obtained the code from a deal site, it'll be in your Purchases section. If you purchased it from Appz, it'll be in your email.

STEP 2:    Follow these easy steps to install the Chrome plugin at getting started page.

STEP 3:    After you've installed the Chrome plugin, click on the blue Appz icon to launch the Chrome plugin. Click on the Download Appz for Windows or Mac and install it. Click here for a guide on how to install the Appz application.

STEP 4:    After you've installed the Appz application, sign up or login.

STEP 5:    If you just signed up, please follow the setup steps (green arrows) to add your first Instagram account.

STEP 6:    Click on the yellow "Redeem Code" button.

STEP 7:    Enter your license code and press Activate.

STEP 7:    Your subscription is now activated, you will see your subscription after you've added an Instagram account.
If you purchased a package deal from a partner site, you'll be be redirect to another page with more instructions.

Voila! You should now have full access to the power of Appz!