Auto Like
Automatically like photos based on your specific hashtags. Liking posts brings attention to your profile as some people check you back when they see you liked them.

  Auto Follow
Automatically follow people based on your specific hashtags. Following people will make them curious who you are and some will check out your profile. If your profile is interesting, they'll most likely follow you back.

  14 Days New Followers Stats
The application tracks your followers growth for last 14 days so you'll know for sure that your Instagram is growing.


Car Product Brand
"The app really works! My followers count is growing without me being on Instagram 24/7."

Dog Owner
"I love it that I can see what's going on with my IG, great app!"

Fashion Blogger
"Love the app, I just set it and forget it."

Upcoming Model
"Love the chart! It's shows me how fast my followers are growing."

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Appz is designed for personal use and not to facilitate a bot factory or a marketing agency.
Appz runs locally on your desktop to like photos and follow people on your behalf.